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There is no function in your company that cannot benefit from the power of Cloudware Solutions and Big Data processing. Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere. From Sales to Marketing, H&R or Finance, speed up your operational processes and enable the full potential of the internet. Make better business decisions with Tecnicloud Solutions. UPgrade your business and start saving resources!


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Simply connect through a web browser!

Forget old IT departments, requirements, servers, complicated networks and slow computers.

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All data is redundant and stored safely!

Don't risk access from unauthorized personnel, monitor and certify all the activity inside the portal.

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Our resources are lighter therefore your investment will be lower. You will be happy and pleased.

Sky is no limit

Grow without a roof on top!

Cloudware allows you to multiply the business effortlessly on demand, to anywhere on the planet.



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Collaborative decision-making (COM) software is an application or module that helps making sense of data. It coordinates the functions and features required to arrive at timely collective decisions, enabling all relevant stakeholders to participate in the process.

The core principle of COM software is that good decisions are not made in isolation in response to an individual's idea or individual piece of data.

They require shared knowledge and analysis of a combination of different pieces of information.

The application of social software in Business Intelligence (BI) to the decision-making process provides a significant opportunity to tie information directly to the decisions made throughout the company.

In 2009, Social and Collaborative Business Intelligence (BI) emerged as a new subcategory within the BI landscape.

Collaborative BI, a type of COM software, harnesses the functions and philosophies of social networking and social Web 2.0 technologies applying them to reporting and analytics at the enterprise level, to facilitate better and faster fact-based decision-making.

This platform, like Web 2.0 technologies, is designed around the premise that anyone should be able to share content and contribute to discussion, anywhere and anytime.

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