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There is no function in your company that cannot benefit from the power of Cloudware Solutions and Big Data processing. Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere. From Sales to Marketing, H&R or Finance, speed up your operational processes and enable the full potential of the internet. Make better business decisions with Tecnicloud Solutions. UPgrade your business and start saving resources!


Reduce your IT Costs

Simply connect through a web browser!

Forget old IT departments, requirements, servers, complicated networks and slow computers.

Private and Secure

All data is redundant and stored safely!

Don't risk access from unauthorized personnel, monitor and certify all the activity inside the portal.

We do things Faster

We rock on short deadlines!

Our resources are lighter therefore your investment will be lower. You will be happy and pleased.

Sky is no limit

Grow without a roof on top!

Cloudware allows you to multiply the business effortlessly on demand, to anywhere on the planet.



Off-the-shelf solutions

Embrace the future with Tecnicloud’s solutions, and connect all your data and users with our Plug and Play modular solutions.





Financial Reporting
Obtain instant tailored live reports. Control effectively and focus on what really matters: Your business.
Payments Integration
You may schedule your payments, integrate with banks and reconcile accounts on the fly.
Our dynamic structure will allow you to proceed with accounting according to any specifications.
Analytical Cost Centering
Quickly see how your business is performing using a range of key performance metrics.
Online Workflow Approval
Approvals automatically route and notify the right invoice approver's in your organization.
E-mail Alerts
Define reminders to coordinate your operation and make sure nothing is ever missed.
Document Centralization
With our file storage, attach files to almost anything - from invoices to bills and transactions.
Send invoices, reconcile accounts and pay and get paid in over 160 different currencies.
Cloud File Storage and Share
Instantly see your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims at the distance of a click.
Financial Dashboard
See your cashflow in real-time and monitor specific accounts whenever and wherever you need.
Suppliers Portal
Suppliers can send invoices directly to your accounts. Better visibility brings better control.
Project Allocation
Manage the P&L by project and quickly assess your operation's and resources' performance.



Human Resources


Recruitment Platform
We provide you with a tool to manage the recruitment and assessments of your candidates.
H&R Profiling
Evaluate the profile of your organization by assessing the profile of your Human Resources.
Performance Evaluation
Establish an online and collaborative process of evaluation by KRI and KPI’s.
Task Management
Measure the time spent on any task, approve, account and invoice on one single workflow.
Time Clock
Is everyone putting its time and effort for the team? Who overtimed and needs rest?
Salary Processing
Who earns what? Who earns when? How many taxes to be paid? Integrated.
Expense Reporting
Generate expense reports, and issue them to an approval workflow and accounting.
Vacations Management
Submit your vacations to an interface of approval, management and sharing.
Encrypted Share
Our encrypted connections and servers secure the transfer of all the company’s information.
Online Dashboard
What you need to know, when you need to know, wherever you need to know. You know?


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Improve your business
make better decisions with Tecnicloud


Collaborative decision-making (COM) software is an application or module that helps making sense of data. It coordinates the functions and features required to arrive at timely collective decisions, enabling all relevant stakeholders to participate in the process.

The core principle of COM software is that good decisions are not made in isolation in response to an individual's idea or individual piece of data.

They require shared knowledge and analysis of a combination of different pieces of information.

The application of social software in Business Intelligence (BI) to the decision-making process provides a significant opportunity to tie information directly to the decisions made throughout the company.

In 2009, Social and Collaborative Business Intelligence (BI) emerged as a new subcategory within the BI landscape.

Collaborative BI, a type of COM software, harnesses the functions and philosophies of social networking and social Web 2.0 technologies applying them to reporting and analytics at the enterprise level, to facilitate better and faster fact-based decision-making.

This platform, like Web 2.0 technologies, is designed around the premise that anyone should be able to share content and contribute to discussion, anywhere and anytime.

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